Sticker pack by Vitaly Roy, Beluchenko, Romanova

Sticker pack by Vitaly Roy, Beluchenko, Romanova

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About the Artist:


Hi there! My name is Vitaly and in the past I was a tattoo artist. Why in the past? Because the Russian aggressor decided on February 24 that he had the right to intervene in my country and decide my fate by taking away his job and normal life.



My name is Natalia, I'm a programmer from Dnipro. When the war broke out, I was in Madeira, Portugal. My husband and I work remotely, so we love to travel. We were supposed to return home a week after the war began, but on the 24th we woke up from a phone call from relatives and the words "The war has begun." I'm currently staying in Portugal, continuing to work, pay taxes and try to help our armed forces and charities.



My name is Valentyna and I'm an illustrator from Kyiv. Due to war, I was forced to move from my hometown and stay in the western part of Ukraine. Luckily none of my friends or relatives was harmed, that's the only thought that keeps me sane these days. For the first few days, I was so shocked and freezed with panic that I couldn't do anything, I knew that I needed to show my voice through images but had no moral understanding how I can do that while other people are dying. But slowly I realized that there is no profit in such a mindset and if I can spread news and support Ukrainians with art, then it will be my part of helping Ukraine win this war. I dream of a free and strong Ukraine and hope that some people will be heart-warmed by my illustrations and money from the sold prints will be of great use.


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5.83″×8.27″ (inches) 8 ¼ 5 ⅞
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