Sticker pack by Tamaria, Mori, Yanina and Meriam

Sticker pack by Tamaria, Mori, Yanina and Meriam

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About the Artist:


My name is Kristina Tamaria, I’m a lettering artist.

I migrated to the States 7 years ago amid all the madness that 2014 brought. I live in Seattle. 

My mom and my older brother still live in Ukraine, they are in Dnipro, they haven’t left since the war had started.

I’m torn between two worlds more than ever right now. Trying to do what I can from the States: raising money for Ukraine to help with food, medicine, and basic supplies.

I have two kids, two amazing Ukrainian girls. When this ugly war ends, I’m taking them to see our strong and beautiful Ukraine. I’m gonna be hugging my mom and my brother, we’re gonna eat varenyky and play football on the backyard. There will be no shelling and the sun will shine brighter than ever for all of us.



With history, in fact, everything is very simple. I am a student of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, I study culturology in the 3rd course. I'm delighted with esoterics, drawing has been my hobby since my childhood. Before the war, I studied remotely through Covid-19, went on a date with a boyfriend. In general, I consider 2021 was my happiest year. After the war started, I stayed at home, trying to distract myself from the events and do what I always did. I miss my friends and boyfriend - someone left, and someone is still nearby, and in peacetime, the road to each other would take a minimum of an hour. I'm not nervous, I'm not hiding in shelters. I have no fear for my own life at all, only for the lives of loved ones. Among the emotions are only anger, hatred, and the desire to return to a peaceful life.



23.06 Evening. We live not far from the Kyiv airport and we have always heard and seen planes well. For 20 years of life, you can learn where and which plane flies, in which direction. That evening it was clearly audible how military helicopters and small loud ones were flying. There are a lot of them. We suspect something is wrong…

24.06 At 6 AM my mother calls me with the most terrible voice and says “Yana, the war has begun!!! Explosions of rockets are heard near Kyiv, get ready!”

In a second, my heart broke! I looked out the window at sunrise and in a second I clearly see a flash half a kilometer away from me ... Explosion!

Animal fear and a clear understanding that the heart bled. We are going quickly, I run to my brother. He is a child 11 years old, and I tell him what to do and where to hide. I tell the child where the nearest bomb shelter is. To kid!!! Every 5 minutes “Everything will be fine! Believe me!"

25.06 Night. We saw all the bright flashes from the peak point near Kyiv where the fighting was. We heard every sound, every explosion. You and the child in the old cellar for half the night ... In the morning there was a smell of smoke and gunpowder in the street. It was a clear signal to leave.

To this day, we in Ukraine, in our own land, are waiting for the day when our president, from now on our pride, Volodymyr Zelensky, will say that we have won the war!



My name is Meriam, and I'm a support manager at a school for digital artists. I helped students find themselves and also learned to draw.
I was born in Odesa, Ukraine, but I have lived in Bucha, Kyiv region, for the last seven years.
On February 24 at 8 am, I heard the first explosion and saw smoke on the horizon and military helicopters in the sky. The russian army attacked our airfield.
I spent two weeks with my friend's family in the russian-occupied region. We had no electricity, no water, no gas, and no way to contact our loved ones. And every night we spent in the cellar. Military equipment drove past our house, and I constantly heard the sounds of battle at that time.
One day we were able to evacuate.
But many people remained there and were brutally maimed and killed in Bucha, Irpen, Gostomel, Makarov, and other cities where the russian army was!
All that happened was unimaginable in the 21st century, but it happened!
I believe that russia will answer for all crimes.
I believe in the victory of Ukraine!
Let's support our army.


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