Youth United Coctail Lovers 02 T-Shirt

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🇺🇦 Together with the Ukranian artists, we donate to purchase all necessary supplies for the humanitarian crisis that Ukraine is facing. 💪


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About the Artist:


Hi there! After recovering from a full-scale war in Russia, my friends and I teamed up to create a project to help raise money for our compatriots. We have created an NFT collection with art, from which all the funds raised will also go to volunteers and humanitarian aid. We liked the Artists4Good initiative, so we created some prints in the style of our project.

 Our team:

Serhii Kovtun - Web and UI designer, I also like to animate and do a little bit of 3D, I like my work. Before the war, my colleagues and I worked to start our courses, the start was very cool, but the war changed priorities.

Inesa Turchyna - Community manager. In 2014, due to the war waged by Russia, I lost my first home in Donetsk and moved to Kyiv. Now I`m working with friends on a project that should help our military so that the occupiers will never again "save" us from a peaceful life on their land.

Oleksiy Leshchenko – Content Manager. Worked in one of the online stores in Kyiv, finished repairs in the house, planned, lived, and was happy, with every opportunity to meet with friends. After the russian fascists invaded Ukraine, their goal became clear - to "liberate" all of us from life.

Vitaly Dmytrenko - I'm a Web Designer and actor in comedy improvisation. I have always tried to make this world a better place with my hobbies and profession and to give a smile to people. We performed and just got high from the positive that the Ukrainian audience charged us with. This project is no exception, even in the war with the russian fascists, I try to do everything in my power to inspire a smile. We made a cool project so that all people in the world could smile and help us in the fight against Russia!


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