Sticker pack by Butenko, Olena, Lera, Pankratov

Sticker pack by Butenko, Olena, Lera, Pankratov

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About the Artist:


My name is Liza, for friends just Li, and I'm from Ukraine. Kharkiv is my hometown.
Before the war, I was a tattoo artist. And I am still a tattoo artist. But now a lot has changed. For the 20th day, I have been sitting in my tattoo studio like in a bunker, waking up from the roar of shells and not being able to work. Now I am engaged in volunteering and, like all Ukrainians, moral, informative, financial assistance to each other. In an attempt to leave the hot spots, where my beloved city is collapsing before our eyes, I draw, scream in my art and pray for peace for all of us.



My name is Olena, I am from Lviv, an artist and a mother of a son and a daughter. Now I continue to draw sketches for future paintings, take care of children, help informational and materially in the war with Russia.



Every Ukrainian today is a fighter. Everyone on their front. Some are defending the country, some are preparing food for people who have left their homes, some are weaving nets, some are relocating people abroad, some are embracing and reassuring, some continue to work and pay taxes, send money to the army and charity. Everyone is needed. Every action is important. We are a large army of little hearts beating in one rhythm. We will win. Not because they will give us weapons. We have weapons. They are in unity and love for our country and our people. That is why we continue the struggle. Everyone is in their place. Take your weapons and fight. For the bright future of a free country.


Hi there! I am Ukrainian designer Oleksandr Pankratov. My main activity is creating brands and digital products. I work as an art director with the craft beer brand Underwood Brewery from Kyiv. I painted a poster in honor of Dream two years ago for my own clothing brand Solovei Apparel. When the war broke out and we received the news that AN225 had been destroyed, I mentioned my art and decided to publish it. Also, together with Underwood Brewery and the German brewery BRLO, we produced beer dedicated to our aircraft, and the proceeds go to humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Thank you if you bought a T-shirt and thus help us win!


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5.83″×8.27″ (inches) 8 ¼ 5 ⅞
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