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My name is Yuriy, I'm a motion designer and illustrator.

At the beginning of the war, I joined the resistance movement to russian aggression.
Like every Ukrainian, I took a place in the defence of my country.


My name is Nastya, I am tattoo artist and I was born in Crimea. 

15 years ago I left for university in Kharkiv, and 6 years later I was separated from my family

by an unrecognized border.


My name is Liza, I am tatto artist, I'm from Ukraine. Kharkiv is my hometown.

Now I am engaged in volunteering and, like all Ukrainians, moral, informative, financial assistance to each other.


My name is Rosi. Before the war, I traveled around the cities and made videos on graffiti culture.

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but for today I want to say that we cannot be broken so easily. "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!"


My name is Yana. We live not far from the Kyiv airport and we have always heard and seen planes well. For 20 years of life, you can learn where and which plane flies, in which direction. That evening it was clear that military helicopters were flying. There were a lot of them. We suspected something was wrong…

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Katya Samotoi

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Maria OZ

Maria is a content creator that lives in Kyiv, before the war she was working with brands like IKEA and other major retailers.

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